Chateau and Chateau XL in Granite

Chateau™ and Chateau XL™

Chateau combines the slate-texture look of natural bluestone with the ease of installation that interlocking pavers offer.

Coping in Granite


Coping provides a smooth, soft roll to the edge of your patio or step application

Cotswold in Granite


A three-piece system that looks great, mitigates stormwater flow rates, and improves water quality.

Edgestone in Granite


A tumbled finish edger with a stone-cleft surface

Holland Stone in Granite

Holland Stone™

A simple paver shape offering Old World charm with renowned durability.

Napa Curbstone in Coastal Tan

Napa® Curbstone

A tumbled finish edger with a split face surface

Provence Cobble in Fieldstone

Provence Cobble™

A paver system featuring a flat, antiqued finish wth an old-world feel


A thick, rectangle slab with open grids that allow water to permeate through the system

Veranda and Veranda XL in Granite

Veranda™ and Veranda XL™

An oversized, three-piece slab system delivers a sleek, modern style and sophistication

Village Cobble Pavers in Coastal Tan

Village Cobble™

A classic paver with a textured finish with rounded edges

Westminster Pavers in Granite


A traditional permeable paver. Great for vehicular traffic.