Compac in Granite
Product Name Dimensions UOM/pallet Pieces Wt./pallet
Wall Unit 8 x 18 x 12 40 SF 40 3700 LBS
Corner Unit 8 x 18 x 9 30 SF 30 3200 LBS
4" Rectangle Cap 4 x 18 x 12 72 LF 48 3400 LBS
Pins (100/pkg) 2 pins per block 0 EA 100 0 LBS
Newline Hardscapes


Featuring an open core design and pinned connection system, Compac® has a shortened tail design that makes the units easier to handle for tall wall applications.

Compac walls use straight pins to ensure proper wall alignment. Pins are sold separately.

Colors Available:

Color samples for reference only. Actual product colors may vary.

Product Shapes:


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