Dimensional Coping Collection

Dimensional Coping in Saddle
Product Name Dimensions UOM/pallet Pieces Wt./pallet
3-Piece Mixed Bundle packaged and sold together 63 LF 36 1950 LBS
Short Unit 2½ x 18 x 12½ 12 EA 12 552 LBS
Long Unit 2½ x 24 x 12½ 18 EA 18 1116 LBS
Finished End Unit 2½ x 19 x 12½ 6 EA 6 288 LBS
Column Cap 2½ x 24 x 24 6 EA 6 954 LBS
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Dimensional Coping Collection

Dimensional™ coping is a formal finishing piece for any wall—including Dimensional, Belvedere, stone walls, or traditional block walls.

Select units feature a finished end for providing a clean endpoint to a wall cap. Short and long units provide more flexibility, reducing the need for additional cutting.

Colors Available:

Color samples for reference only. Actual product colors may vary.

Product Shapes:


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