Rock Face Wall Caps

Sonoma Wall in Granite | Rock Face Wall Caps in Charcoal
Product Name Dimensions UOM/pallet Pieces Wt./pallet
Wall Cap 2¼ x 12 x 48 12 EA 12 1440 LBS
End Cap 2¼ x 12 x 51 12 EA 12 1560 LBS
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Rock Face Wall Caps

Our Rock Face wall caps feature chiseled edges that blend nicely with the hewn texture of our wall units. Their cast construction provides an alternative look to traditional block caps.

NOTE: Wall cap units are available in two versions: a “standard cap” with front and back edges finished, and an “end cap” with front, back and one side edge finished.

Colors Available:

Color samples for reference only. Actual product colors may vary.

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