Superior Steppers™

Superior Steppers in Ash
Product Name Dimensions UOM/pallet Pieces Wt./pallet
8 Different Shapes, 2 of each per pallet approx. 21 x 27 x 2 52 SF 16 1300 LBS
Newline Hardscapes

Superior Steppers™

Superior Steppers™ are an attractive way to beautify your backyard. Lay a charming garden walkway or casual path to gently guide your way. These natural-looking stones are crafted with high-strength quality materials for a pathway that will look like it’s been in place for ages.

With eight different designs on one pallet, your design possibilities are endless!

NOTE: Product should not be machine tamped.

Colors Available:

Color samples for reference only. Actual product colors may vary.

Product Shapes:


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